DYK – We are Google Ads partners?

Did you know that adding us as your MCC (Marketing Control Center), we can automatically apply any Google promotion to your account as they become available.

We offer Google Ads management to specific clients and don’t generally take in new projects, but we can still give our existing clients the benefits of our partnership with Google.

Register with us and include your Google Ads ID (XXX-XXX-XXXX), and we will send you an MCC request by email, we won’t ever touch anything related to your ads unless you ask us, but enabling this feature allows us to assign you Google Ads credit as soon as they become available.

Our last automatically applied credit was for 500.00$.

So why not save now with our help!

This offer applies worldwide, and the discount is based on your ad account country. You will receive an email from Google directly when we administer a credit to your account.

Thank you from everyone at Zenith Media Canada ❤️

Sign up for an account using the following link and include your Google Ads ID. Click here