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zip Package and compress (archive) files into zip file. Package and compress a directory and its contents, [r]ecursively: zip -r 


zless View compressed files. Page through a compressed archive with less: zless {{file.txt.gz}} 


zpool Manage ZFS pools. Show the configuration and status of all ZFS zpools: zpool status Check a ZFS pool for 

zsh cheatsheet

zsh Z SHell. bash and sh-compatible command line interpreter. Start interactive command line interpreter: zsh Execute command passed as parameter: 

IP addresses

IP addresses +------------------------++-----------------------+ | ip addr1 -> || ip addr2 -> | +------------------------++-----------------------+ | | | | +------------------------+ 

HTML Meta Tags

HTML Meta Tags <meta charset="utf-8"> <!-- title --> <title>...</title> <meta property="og:title" content="..."> <meta name="twitter:title" content="..."> <!-- url --> <meta property="og:url" 

Git cheatsheet

GIT Basics Setup See where Git is located: which git Get the version of Git: git --version Create an alias 


Find Synopsis: find [path] [expression] Quick and Easy Find the find binary: find /usr/bin -name find Put more than one