Jon Wong

Founder and cloud farmer over at Zenith Media Canada; 15 years in the business as a system and network admin, 5 years working on my SaaS business and known shenaniganizer with a dash of jack of all I.T trades, follow me on Instagram cause I'm slightly narcissistic.


xz Compress or decompress .xz and .lzma files. Compress a file: xz {{file}} Decompress a file: xz -d {{file.xz}} Decompress 


yarn JavaScript and Node.js package manager alternative. Install a module globally: yarn global add {{module_name}} Install all dependencies referenced in 


yes Output something repeatedly. Repeatedly output “message”: yes {{message}} Repeatedly output “y”: yes 


yesod Helper tool for Yesod, a Haskell-based web framework. All Yesod commands are invoked through the stack project manager. Create 

Youtube Download

youtube-dl Download videos from YouTube and other websites. Download a video or playlist: youtube-dl {{}} Download the audio from a