Agile Questions

  • Does my team have the hardware they need to do their jobs? Is this hardware functioning in an optimal way? Is there anything that will make them more efficient?
  • Why is my team staying late tonight? How can we avoid this from happening again?
  • Is my team having lunch/dinner every time they are working past noon or after hours? Am I taking care of them?
  • Are my designers communicating with developers and making sure they are creating “doable” designs?
  • Is the approval process for designs taking too much time? Is it optimal?
  • How are my designers receiving feedback? Is it consolidated? Is it clear? Is it counterintuitive?
  • Are my designers enforcing a creative review process? Are they overlapping (and duplicating effort) with QA? How is this process working?
  • Why is it taking too long to move tasks from Development to QA? Where is the bottleneck? How can we increase throughput?
  • Is QA receiving enough details to test? Are developers commenting on what solutions they implemented and informing QA how to test?
  • Is our Scrum backlog ready for grooming? Is it ready for Sprint Planning? Do stories have enough details to be clear?
  • Are we properly prioritizing Stories and Tasks in the middle of the Sprint? How are we deciding what to tackle first and what should come last?
  • Is it my team too big? Too small? Are they communicating efficiently and effectively? How are we dealing with remote team members?
  • Did we talk about our problems during our last Scrum Retrospective? Did we solve any of them? What are we doing to prevent them from happening again?
  • Are there any tasks taking too much time? Can we optimize them?
  • Are we shipping? Are we gilding the lily?
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